The Kennedys

The Kennedys
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Amazing Power!

As probably most knows that Taylor had an accident a year and half ago and split the left kidney in two!
He has done very well afterwards! The doctors told that it would not regenerate nor have a lot of blood flow in it! Eventually we would have to remove it! The kidney was being held together my a small blood clot!
Since have been on the road and doing more, he has complained of his back hurting and soreness! So when we were in El Reno, Ok. visiting family for the holiday, he was not feeling good and hurting so Steve took him to the hospital but they could look at him because of insurance being out of state!
We did the best for him and just watched him for a few days! We decided that would make him an appointment when we returned to Georgia!
We our next stop was Arizona! Steve has an aunt, cousin, and other family in Arizona! Steve wasn't sure whether to stop or not! It has been many years and it didn't know what it would be like! We stopped and he started talking to his cousin, Ronnie, and come find out that he is a CT, X ray, and Ultrasound tech!
Ronnie told to bring Taylor to the hospital where he works and he would scan Taylor for us!
(ready to shout yet, wait it gets better!)
The kidney is slowly growing back together and you can hardly see where the split is! There is a slight dent in the kidneybut there is blood flow! The kidney is about the same size as the other kidney and looking good!
We are so excited, he won't need it removed and every day the kidney is healing in a positive direction!
I am so glad we stopped to see family!!!!! Not only did we get Taylor scanned and not cost us a thing but we meet family that just loved us and took very good care of us for a week!
God is so good!

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