The Kennedys

The Kennedys
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Prayer Letter

May, 2010

Greetings to all,

I pray all is well in your dwelling in which you are reading this letter. Much has been happening with the Kennedy family in the last five months. As we had said in previous letters, the Lord saw fit for us to go into full-time deputation and continue our journey to the western parts of the United States. During this wonderful journey, we have seen our support increase dramatically (25%). Some, whom have been through similar journeys, told us when we get to the 50% mark then we are a the top of the hill and the rest is down hill from there. I pray that the hill is a steep one to go down. It seemed like a steep one going up and now we pray it’s steep going down. Deputation is some parts have been heartache but all in all it has been a wonderful blessing to see the God of this universe work in our behalf. He has sent people in our way to whom have showed us great mercies and blessings. There has not been one time where we have ever felt the Lord wasn’t there. He promised us in this Word, to those that are saved, that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We praise Him for that!
We are now in the process of working with Northwest Baptist Church in Londonderry, N. Ireland, pastored by Travis Snode, in getting our Visas. Travis is working on sponsoring us while we are in the country. It’s a long and tedious process so your prayers are in much need through this process. It will take time and money to see this through. POLITICS!
Angel and the kids are doing well. The kids are now working on finishing the school year out with their home schooling. Last week they just finished the achievement test with the ACE curriculum.
We praise the Lord for an answered prayer. In previous letters we had mentioned we were in need of a cargo trailer to pull behind our van. This trailer would make it easier and less crowded for our travels. Praise the Lord He provide us a trailer through my Uncle Dwayne in El Reno, OK. God provide the money through His people and God provide the person and trailer that we needed. God is good!
Please continue in prayer as we prepare for the mission field. Our goal, I’m confident the Lord will see us through, is to be on the field or making final departures in January of next year. Greater is he that hath believed but not have seen. That’s faith-promise.

Serving in Christ’s name,

Stephen, Angel, Taylor, and Caoimhe Kennedy

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