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The Kennedys
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prayer Letter

September 1, 2010
Greetings praying friends,
We praise the Lord for another good month serving Him. In the past two months we have traveled through eight states and have been in more than thirty churches and meetings. Our support level has been at a standstill for the summer months. Summertime is a difficult time to raise support in relation that summer is a time for church families and pastors are busy with holidays, vacation bible schools, and camps. Although it may have been difficult, we have had no problems with helping in these ministries. Deputation isn’t what a missionary can get out of the church; it’s what the church can get out of the missionary. The Lord is very clear in His Word that a minister of the gospel of Christ is to be a servant to those in need.
Just recently we had the opportunity to help with missionary Stephen Brock, whom serves in Salem, MA, with his first church service. He has labored very hard for the last three months by knocking on 9,000 doors in the greater Salem area. As a result, the first service had in attendance nineteen people which resulted in two souls receiving Christ as their Savior. Salem has a reputation as being the witchcraft capital of the world. There are many witchcraft, Satan supporting, and demonic shops that specialize in magic potions and devil worshiping. Every year for Halloween downtown Salem is flooded with devil worshipers and a large group called “Satan’s Army” from all over the world. Halloween isn’t just a time for children to dress up and receive candy from neighbors. It’s a time that Satan shows his face every year in Salem, MA and worldwide. All this is happening right under our noses in America.
Also, we are still in need for donations for the travel trailer. We have a travel trailer waiting for us in Elkton, VA by some very good honest Christians. We have had a good response from the previous letter and are very thankful for those sacrifices. We are praying to have the travel trailer by the end of September. If anyone feels led to help, there is an account setup for us at our mission board (address at bottom). All donations through mission board are tax deductable.
Thank you all for your continue prayers and support in the effects of seeing the gospel reach the people of Ireland and now presently the people in America.

In Christ’s name,
Stephen, Angel, Taylor, & Caoimhe Kennedy

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